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15th Nov 2011, 20:31
Who else loves the show? I think Sheldon is hilerious! :D

15th Nov 2011, 20:44
such a funny show even thoguh i havent been following it thw whole way through. but i love the fact you can turn it on watch any episode and laugh your ass off XD. ( i really need to do a proper marathon on it sometime)
warm kitty..
soft kitty..
little ball of fur!! :lol:

15th Nov 2011, 22:12
It has its moments, but sometimes it reverts to just playing canned laughter over nerdy references and awkward reactions.

It's no Community.

8th Feb 2012, 13:56
Soft Kitty
Warm kitty
Little ball of fur
Happy kitty
Sleepy kitty
Pur pur pur <3

BEST.NERDY.SITCOM....EVER XD I just love it! Sheldon makes it!

16th Apr 2012, 13:03
I watch it from time to time, and I love it xD

4th Jun 2013, 09:21
Not a big fan of Sheldon but if I had to pick a team to be on, I'd say it'd had to be either Leonard Hofstadter or Howard Wolowitz =3

12th Jun 2013, 19:45
i used to like it but kinda started getting annoyed at how that show protrays people who study science , people with social anxiety or whatever and people who have general interests in games/anime/ comics :P

14th Dec 2013, 04:42
Its quite a popular show, i have not followed it entirely but as on i keep watching when i get time. Its hilarious.

22nd Dec 2013, 13:10
7th season is one of the best season.

1st Oct 2014, 22:37
I've been watching that season lately. They all crack me up in some parts though =3

11th Oct 2014, 13:56
There're times when some things strike a little close to the bone. But it's still oddly enjoyable. That said, it's nowhere near worth what some network executives think it is.