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14th Mar 2012, 08:45
It's that time of year again guys! I'm the Volunteer Manager/Herder this year and I'm on the hunt. :ninja:

Eirtakon wants the most enthusiastic, the awesomest, and most frolicsome otakus to volunteers at Eirtakon 2012.

"But why, rooose" I hear you say? "Why would I work at Eirtakon? I want to cosplay, go to screenings and check out the traders! I find this idea of volunteering to be HIGHLY suspicious!"

Well, you'll get to do that! I'll do my best to make sure that every volunteer gets to see their favourite events in one way or another. If you can't get time off for the screening of that anime you've been dying to see? I'll put you in the screening room running the event. You want to play DDR until your legs fall off? I'll put you in the games room.

"But what else? I could do all that anyway"

Well, volunteers get free entry to Eirtakon. You'll get the exclusive green Eirtakon shirt. You'll gain entry to the private Green Room, behind the scenes to chill with your fellow volunteers. You'll get to attend the various Eirtakon Volunteer meets throughout the year.

Best of all, you'll get to be part of the amazing team that makes Eirtakon happen. You'll have a ball, you'll make friends and when the dust settles on Sunday evening, you'll think "Wow, I was a part of all that!"

So go on, see things from the other side. Volunteer, you know you want to! :hammer:

Just click the link and fill the form out!

Small print (It's sad, but it's necessary)

We have a few tiny rules: :cop:
1) You must be over 16 by October 31st 2012
2) You must have attended Eirtakon at least once. This rule can be bent a little, so if you think you are bendy enough to get around it, email me!
3) This seems obvious, but you need to work. Chatting to friends when it is quiet is fine, you’ll almost certainly have downtime at each job, but when it is busy we need staff to do their jobs. It makes life easier for everyone!

There's a few other wee things but nothing to worry about til a bit closer to Eirtakon. :)

If you have any questions, or you want to find out more before you commit yourself, just email me at volunteer@eirtakon.com or post in this thread.

Also, I'll be at Anime Dublin on April 14th so come say hi! :nyoron:

10th Jul 2012, 22:02
Folks, so many of you lovely people have volunteered for Eirtakon 2012 that we're well stocked for help!
We've closed sign-ups for this year. Anyone that signed up should have received an email at this stage. If you haven't, email Rose at volunteer@eirtakon.com (You might have fallen off the list somehow)
Naturally, volunteers from previous years are welcome back, just shoot Rose an email to sort yourself out for sign ups! :D

Huge thanks to the awesome people who will be this year's Green Shirts! Whoop!