View Full Version : Favourite 'Visual Kei' Band?

26th Sep 2010, 19:54
For me it's
-AnCafe (naturally, I'm completely obsessed *W*)
-Versailles (I've never heard such beautiful music - the dueling guitars, 'laced with Kamijou's graceful yet iconic vocals' =P)
-LM.C (Rock the LMC!)
-SuG (Takeru's so pretty *W* And I've never seen such an energetic band!)
-D=OUT (The !patriotic entertainers! and KOUKI KOUKI KOUKI KOUKI XD)

I also like Gazette, L'arc-en-Ciel and Plastic Tree but only know the 'popular' songs =P

Tell me what VK bands you like? =P
Bye nyappy~

26th Sep 2010, 21:12
I have a bit of a love hate relationship with visual kei. As a music genre, I can't respect it. It's more style than substance with band members being characters rather than musicians. Though I can't hate beautiful people.
As for who I like to listen to: 12012, LM.C, AnCafe, Clearveil.
I looove Gazette and Miyavi but I wouldnt consider them Visual Kei. They're too good at balancing image and music so it's more j-rock to me. :B

3rd Oct 2010, 00:16
Yeah, I kinda agree with you Cato. Although its a double edged sword, thats part of the reason I like visual kei. I may like music but I've never been into musicians the way most people I know are. Following a band along with the music is boring to me unless they act like characters. I think thats why I love the Gorillaz so much, they're a literal interpration of that XD

But anyway, I like:
An Cafe (they're my absolute favourites aswell)

Im also interested in The Gazette and Penicillin. But TBH I really only listen to AnCafe with any regularity, I wouldnt describe myself as a really big fan of the others.

12th Dec 2010, 15:26
Versailles - just amazing
Dué le Quartz - miyavi is a god with a guitar

16th Apr 2012, 13:07
I have a slight obsession with the Gazette, but that's pretty much it. I do sometimes listen to Miyavi and that one song of An Cafe that I adore.

14th Aug 2012, 01:38
The GazettE, Miyavi, Girugamesh, I know he isn't really Vis Kei, but I like some of Gackt's stuff too, love Malice Mizer too from time to time.

I want to see western bands try Vis Kei too though