View Full Version : So I'm playing some gigs

Unnamed Giant Catfish
17th Feb 2011, 00:05
This Friday(18th) in the Roundy at Cork, at 9pm.

And I'll be playing Gamepak up in Dublin on the 1st of April.

Of course, I do a weeaboo-ish set so it's of interest to people here. I'll be using lots of random anime samples.

Giving out these CDs this Fri


17th Feb 2011, 00:44
Banging choons and some booze.

Roll on friday!

23rd Feb 2011, 18:22
How did this go guys?

Unnamed Giant Catfish
23rd Feb 2011, 20:23
Not too bad like. Not many people I asked turned up, of course, but two lads from the anime soc did.

Got an EP up for download now too.


23rd Feb 2011, 20:45
derp nevermind. didn't read the first post right.